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A Crappy Pirate, is a master hacker, and cooker, from redacted.

About A Crappy Pirate


A presumed cooker plant, he has spent the last few months hiding mostly unsuccessfully in plain sight amongst leftist "comrades". His strange need for public acknowledgement of his contributions to this website, along with strange ad hominem attacks added into random articles, drew the ire of site administrators some time back.

Popularly referred to as "The Timebomb", after much speculation as to when the fuse would pop, he finally went off on the evening of the 10th of March, 2022.


During a live stream on Instagram with an irrelevant egg shaped moron, and some really stoned guy who's a big fan of David Icke, Pirate let everyone know just how L337 his script kiddie skills are, claiming a veritable cornucopia of doxxed information in his posession. Mere moments after yelling about doxxing being bad, a popular epithet often heard to be uttered by him.


Don't even try to resist, he has your:

  • Bank details
  • IP addresses
  • Email logins/passwords
  • Spoofed 2FA's!

He's backtraced it!

  • The consequences will never be the same!