Originally allocated the codename "HOTPLATE-1", declassified documents have revealed this device to be known within the Illumunati, Free Mason and UN Worldbank Black Police forces as the Supersonic Integrated Cooker Blistering Universal Radiation Node System (SICBURNS), a targeted microwave weapon used in multiple attacks against the Cooker forces. Intelligence reveals the existence of handheld and MANPAD versions, and analysis of post-battlefield footage indicates these may also have been mounted within Tactical Assault Barina units.


Cookers report the appearance of severe blisters on lips, and the feeling of sunburn like symptoms to face and extremities. The use of this weapon was found to be widespread, and in no way related to the cooker belief in the existence of nanotech in sun protection cream resulting in their distrust of the well known sun safe motto 'Slip Slop Slap'.