Derek Balogh

Derek is a con artist, grifter, delinquent debtor, compulsive liar, sov cit, cooker, and vagrant, from Victoria.

About Derek

Derek firmly believes that all Australian laws are fabricated, and therefore, invalid.

He also believes that mortgages aren't real.

It's a hot take, considering he was jailed under Australian law for not paying his mortgage, and also alleges himself to have been an accredited mortgage consultant.

Run ins with the law

Due to his fervent disbelief in the fantasy world of mortgages, Derek had his house seized after not paying his own mortgage for an extended period of time. Derek was also sent to maximum security prison over this, which presumably was the beginning of his second life crusade against "fake courts" and "fake mortgages".

Derek had received a court order for payment of said mortgage, which as at September, 2006, was $2771 in arears, owing an amount of $314,000.

As of his release from prison in 2008, it was estimated that he owed $340,000 and was accruing interest at a rate of $100 per day.

A bank spokesman said Mr Balogh had been given a "substantial amount of time" since 2006 to get his home loan in order or leave the house.

Failed political career

Derek found himself unsuccesful after registering as a candidate for the Grasslands Ward, in the General Election for the Brimbank City Council, on 26 November, 2005. He then decided to go full Trump style before it was even a Trump thing, and attempt to claim the election results were fraudulent.

Naturally, his absurd claim was thrown out, and he was subsequently ordered to pay $16,000 in legal fees.

Keen observers note, that much like his crusade against mortgages after his run in with the law, his second favourite grift is claiming that council rates and fines don't exist, most likely due to his total failure to be elected to the city council.

Past grifts

Here he is trying to scam people out of their houses, in a US based pyramid scheme called "Buying Summit":

Cooker/Sovshit training academy

Lately, Derek has been trying to grift sov cits out of their hard earned money with subscriptions and courses on his website "Educate for Protection" -

He hosts weekly Zoom calls, where he berates his audience with endless tales of the counterfeit nature of the Australian justice system.

Derek seems to conveniently have a lot of trouble with the signup parts of his website, though we're sure it's not because he's taking peoples money and giving them nothing in return, then requiring a convenient excuse in the form of technical difficulties.

The walls do appear to be closing in on Derek of late, his beloved sidekick Jenny has quit on him, more disgruntled customers are appearing in his Zoom's each week, and he's even managed to draw the ire of fellow cookers like Danny Searle.

Debts aren't real!
Fines and Tolls aren't real!
Councils don't exist!

Things Derek believes

  • Masks do absolutely nothing, but cause harm
  • That the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency is in fact, not a government agency! (It's got .gov in the URL champ)
  • Courts don't exist, only Court Houses!
  • Mortgages aren't real!
  • Laws aren't real!
  • Debts aren't real!
  • Councils don't exist!
  • Fines don't exist!
  • Some insane nonsense about the "Queen of Australia"!