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Open your third eye, sheeple!

Danny Searle is a cooker, sov cit, and "spiritual pyschologist" from Brisbane, Australia.

About Danny

Danny claims to have discovered psychic abilities at the age of 6, and has worked as a tarot reader and meditation instructor. He alleges to have gone through several out of body experiences that revealed to him "the intricacies of the spirit world".

Despite these resounding professional qualifications, he seems unsure as to why normal people don't take him seriously.

Cooker Activities

Danny has written a couple of books, that at least 3 people appear to have bought on Amazon. His website claims that parts III, IV, and V of his thrilling "Truth Chronicles" series would be coming late 2016, 2017, and 2018 respectively, but it appears as if he got as bored with his own drivel as the rest of us and just gave up on writing altogether.

Danny has also been posting complete nonsense to YouTube for over a decade now, under the channel "Path To Ascension" this channel has largely been ignored by mostly everyone, garnering a very underwhelming 40k subscribers. Socialblade estimates put the income generated by this channel at somewhere in the range of $11-$176 per year.

In addition to all this, Danny can typically be found rambling about the NWO and communist government cabals on his Instagram live feeds.

Like many other cookers, despite calling everyone who opposes his viewpoints "communist", he has recently been seen jumping on various pro-Russian bandwagons in relation to the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, and subsequently, regurgitating nonsense from extra cooked fucks like Simeon the Russian Operative Boikov


They're absolutely correct, I am a cooker!

— Danny, Indeed you are.