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Gabe is an idiot a cooker who lives in Port Melbourne, Australia.

Dr Eggman. The father of Gabe

About Gabriel

Scientists are unsure whether Gabe is a human toe, an egg, or some kind of accursed, advanced genetic hybrid between the two.

Observers have also noted, that he may actually be a thumb, with a face drawn on.

Gabe claims the growth on his lip is plastic surgery from getting glassed in a bar fight, but it is most likely a small egg getting ready to hatch.


He can generally be found in his bedroom, livestreaming on Instagram, while obsessing over the Twitch chats of CookerWatch and DiscoDeadPigeon, much to the detriment of his guests, his attention rapidly drifting away from them, to fully fixate on his new addiction, leftist Twitch chat. Gabe was gifted subs to both of these channels.


Gabe's diet consists of tuna, rice and cigarettes.


Gabe maintains a stern policy of "All talk, no action", as he has yet to visit Canberra, but assures us all, he'll definitely Hood Oos "The Cossack" if he does.

Gabe believes that vaccine passports are equivalent to when Nazi officials implemented the Jewish badge (an identifying badge to mark Jews) between 1939 and 1945. They did so in a systematic manner, as a prelude to deporting Jews to ghettos and killing centers in German-occupied eastern Europe. It’s totally cool though because he “doesn’t believe in far right conspiracy theories”

Gabe also doesn’t believe that the mRNA vaccines are actually vaccines, since his simple egg head can’t comprehend the definition of a vaccine correctly. Instead, he believes it to be an “experimental gene therapy”, and that it hasn’t completed a phase 3 trial, so is therefore unsafe. This of course, is despite the completion of phase 3 trials as of July 22, 2021. [1]



noun: vaccine; plural noun: vaccines a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease. "every year the flu vaccine is modified to deal with new strains of the virus"

Gabe appears to hate women, while it is comical because he throws tantrums like a boy that partook in an emotionally incestuous relationship with a female care-giver, probably his mother, it is also alarming to the entire female population of Earth. The hen that laid this egg probably regrets roosting on what someday would be rotten and chipped. One could stipulate Gabe's rampant misogyny lends validity to the accusations he is a 'bad egg'. Gabe's stinky thousand year egg legacy rings true to those who have encountered the asshole stench of his anti-women hate speech. Egg Daddy has proven to women far and wide that he lacks the charisma or sexual appeal to be worthy of any woman, ever. Egg Pappi has been seen for what he truly is, nothing at all it was cracked up to be. Women believe Gabe pretends that he finds the egg commentary humorous as a tactic to lower ones defenses, however the hairless soft cock toxic man remains suspicious. Mr 'Don't get personal' himself has on several occasions belittled women who had the misfortune of partaking in his live Instagram videos. The fragile ego of an egg that's life has boiled down to seeking validation on Instagram to a small number of moronic viewers and leftist trolls has truly been shattered. The infamous jaw clenching that is visible when, an egg afraid of being beaten and scrambled, is being schooled by a woman will truly be his last legacy before the world moves on and validates his greatest fear, irrelevancy.

Personal Life

Unsolicited dick pic

Gabe currently appears to be listless and directionless in life, perhaps due to his recent involvement in a one-sided parasocial relationship, as he yearns for and obsesses over a popular Twitch streamer known for her egg-baiting antics.

Gabes favourite pastime is throwing tantrums, banning commenters and participants, and threatening to leave social media for good, only to come back a day or two later after his fried dopamine receptors need the itch scratched for attention and validation. Scientists are unsure if his empty threats of social media abandonment outnumber the amount of times he interrupts people during a live stream.

On February 27 2022, Gabe briefly vanished from the internet and appeared to delete all of his social media accounts, after allegations emerged that he had beaten the shit out of his girlfriend. Despite photos emerging of her injuries, Gabe did a classic Gabe, returning to social media again to refute the claims, insisting that it's a plot to discredit him, by other cookers who made the allegations public. As of late, Gabe appears to become instantly irate when anyone mentions the allegations, often challenging those who comment, to come on his live and say it to his face. Those who do go on his live and say it to his face, are of course, also instantly banned.

On the morning of March 13, 2022, it was confirmed to nobodies surprise, that Gabe has a history of sending unsolicited dick pics to women while drunk. As such, this is presumed to be something which happens quite frequently.

Observers have recently noted, that Gabe is doing an awful lot of sniffling during his live streams, while becoming even more irate and nonsensical than usual. He also doesn't seem to have any friends, as nobody has ever been seen in the same room, since the departure of his girlfriend.


I swear to god, I'll come around there and vaccinate you in your fuckin` head!

— Leonie, The Gabe Variety Hour