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Tony is a cooker, and grifter.

About Tony

Rumour has it, his birth was the result of an accident at Johnson & Johnsons' main Rogaine production facility.

Tony is an illustrious drop shipping tycoon, who enjoys threatening people with defamation lawsuits for leaving accurate reviews on his shitty Chinese products.

Cooker Drama Hour

Tony, and/or his wife Linda, dropped a bombshell on February 27, 2022, accusing Egg of beating the shit out of his girlfriend, and subsequently providing photographic evidence of the results of said incident.

This has caused a fallout between the once loving pair, though Tony has recently professed his enduring love for the scrambled egg, and a willingness to help him change, while professing his strong dislike for the actions in question. However, during a Bolivian marching powder fuelled rant, alone, the egg strongly rebuked these attempts at reconciliation.