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About Avi

Avi Yemeni is a "reporter", "journalist", and a rabid pro Zionist/anti Islamist alt right figure. A convicted wife beater, Avi is frequently mistaken for a hobbit, or garden gnome, due to his diminutive stature.


Known for his extreme right-wing ideology and controversial comments, Avi is not quite a neo-Nazi, but he has not shied away from ingratiating himself to neo-Nazi and fascist gangs across Australia, including Nationalist Uprising and the United Patriots Front.

Life and Times

He learnt how to wield a chopping block while stationed in Tel Aviv with the IDF. Upon his return to Australia, he opened a series of "IDF Gyms", in an attempt to spread the gospel of chopping block Krav Maga. The chopping block is of course, Avi's weapon of choice, with its most (in)famous deployment at his hands, being the time he cast it into the head of his ex-wife. What a classy guy.

How ironic.

Journalist Larping

Avi was a regular contributor to the far-right, anti-muslim activist Tommy Robinson's “TR News” website and regularly produced social media content in support of the former leader of the English Defence League (EDL).

Avi revealed on Twitter that he would be taking on the role of spokesperson for Robinson, while he served prison time. He has visited Britain regularly to back Robinson, and in 2018 Avi caused outrage after he was seen draped in the Australian flag while addressing protestors on a London street.

“No matter what the left call us, I am the world’s proudest Jewish Nazi,” he told the cheering crowd. “Tommy is my brother, Tommy is my leader,” he shouted.

Avi's brand of "journalism" generally involves attempting to incite a reaction from people by way of "Guilt Activism", and entering areas he's not allowed into, while impotently shouting about his press pass. This tends to result in him getting spear tackled to the ground by police, and being routinely ignored by everyone in possession of more than 2 brain cells.

Fashy BFF & Security Guard

Avi’s BFF and security guard is Daniel Jones, a member of a cringe neo-nazi metal band, member of the Lads Society and general all-round degenerate roid abuser.

Jones has been faithfully following Avi Yemini around for some time now, getting dressed up in his super hero security gear while Avi attempts to troll lefty protests. They are close friends, they are close political allies, they are routinely seen working together. Daniel Jones has been quoted as saying he "left politics behind" to follow Avi Yemini and bash protesters at the Invasion Day rallies because he hates black people and lefties equally.

Rumours circulated that Jones recently had his house raided and his weapons confiscated.

Criminal Charges

Chopping Board Wife Basher

In 2019, Avi faced court on domestic violence charges, and in July, was convicted of assaulting and harassing his ex-wife. The assault took place in March 2016, when he threw a knife and a chopping board at her head while she cooked dinner. It struck her on her forehead, leaving a deep contusion. He also sent harassing text messages to her between 2017 and 2018. Avi pled guilty to these charges, though he claimed that the chopping board hit her accidentally. (Don’t they all.)

Avi Court

Yemini plead guilty to a lesser charge of unlawful assault involving a “chopping board”, was convicted and fined a measly total of $3,600.

Personal Life

Avi Yemini's real name is Avrohom Sholom Waks. He previously ran a Krav Maga martial arts business (A business where he once planned to host One Nation’s Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts.)

When Avi Yemini was a kid he was in a documentary called 'Welcome to the Waks Family', which is the profile of a devout Chabad Lubavitch family in Sydney.

In 2016 Yemeni was sued by his own brother – Yeshiva Centre child sexual abuse whistleblower Manny Waks – after he publicly accused his family of “harbouring a pedophile” at their home. The claims came after convicted child sex offender, Rabbi Moshe Keller, stayed at the house of Zephaniah Waks, who is Manny and Yemini’s father, for a short period of time in September 2019. Yemini posted on his Facebook page that Manny and Zephaniah were “harbouring a child sexual offender,” adding that “this abuser is being hosted there for Zephaniah Waks’ financial gain with what seems to be Manny’s full blessing”. Manny later took his brother to court for defamation, saying that his family “was initially unaware that Rabbi Keller would be staying at the home, and as soon as the Waks family was aware of the situation, they asked Rabbi Keller to leave.”

In 2018 Avi Yemini stood as a candidate at the Victorian state election for the Australian Liberty Alliance, an anti-Islam party born from the Q Society of Australia (not to be confused with the QAnon movement). He lost easily, but not before being accused of tearing down posters belonging to other candidates and playing a role in the downfall of a Liberal Party candidate. Avi Yemini calls himself (and is called by numerous media outlets) a “Jewish leader.” He is not a leader of any organisation or institution. He is not recognised as a leader through the esteem of the community. He calls himself a leader because he has lots of Facebook followers. While this has made Avi Yemini a punchline in the Jewish community, non-Jews who want to spend their days spitting on people have flocked to him. He might be a joke, but he is not a funny one.