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First Use

Having spent a large part of February 2022 developing the Battle Barina in secret, the explosive deployment of this UN worldbank-funded Freemason-aligned deep state sleeper cell unit to the battlefield (on receipt of the activation phrase "we shall overcome" in multipart non-harmony by the protestors) commenced on 13 Feb.


Followers of the great Geurilla Fighter, Major Ken Behrans, their battle cry of "You Fucking Bogan Slut", coupled with their near suicidal disregard for life and limb, caught the entire cooker army off balance.

Battlefield impact

Finding their weaponised outrage no match for the Battle Barina tactics, the cookers were left with no option but to retreat from the battlefield in disarray.

Allegations of Flase Flag Activies

independent fact checkin media units have documented the existence of a vehicle of similar appearance within the Bosi affiliated sections of the Camp Epic Staging area, raising concerns this was a false flag operation intended to sway the opinions of the local populace