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J-a-n-a-y-a Markwell, also known as Roller Girl, is a simpleton, from the Gold Coast, Australia. She is the official beat reporter for the camp.

No, I haven't heard of Jonestown, what's that?

— Roller Girl, Camp EPIC

I'm not too sure about Waco or what that's about.

— Roller Girl, Camp EPIC

About Janaya

rumour has it Janaya's thighs can crush the skull of a UN police officer

Janaya can be found rolling through the streets of camp EPIC on a set of rollerskates, spreading her infectious positivity wherever she can.

Her signature move is complete obliviousness and lack of awareness, which has resulted in her almost being kidnapped on several occasions.

Things Janaya knows

  • Not many

Things Janaya doesn't know

  • Rope and Zipties in a random car are potential red flags.
  • What Chloroform smells like (but it is a familiar smell)
  • What Waco was
  • What Jonestown was
  • Why they can't just share the space with the Canberra show
  • Too numerous to list

Current Status


Unfortunately, the freemason's failed to send Janaya a wikipedia article about Jonestown or Waco before it was too late. Now, with all the grifter 'leaders' gone, she has become one of the defacto leaders of the poor and disenfranchised skitzoids and idiots that have been taken advantage of.