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Romeo Georges, is a meltdown enthusiast and cooker from Sydney, Australia.

About Romeo

Romeo first came to prominence in the cooker movement, after joining in on the anti lockdown protests held in the Sydney CBD in mid-2021. Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

Romeo is prone to hyper-emotional outbursts, particularly when video-conferencing with his esteemed colleague, Dave "Guru", via Instagram.

Romeo hates the UAP's Craig Kelly and Simeon Boikov. Romeo regularly makes his feelings heard (loudly) in livestreams such as that with Tony on 1 Feb 2022.


Unknown. After a particularly emotional outburst during the evening of Tuesday the 8th of February, Romeo appears to have cracked and withdrawn from the spotlight.

As of a statement he made in the evening of Thursday the 10th of February, he is apparently withdrawing from social media for the sake of his mental health.