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The B1 Zeus Main battle wank (a.k.a. Impound Force 1) is a first generation Cooker battle vehicle designed by cookers and built off a 1998 Freightliner FL80. It was heavily modified into a cookercab pickup (because a regular ute just isn't big enough to compensate for the owners.. shortcomings), with a lift-kit and the load tub off a Ford F350/450 dually pickup truck, painted matte black with large air horns and plastered with Tactical flags and cooker slogans in fluoro colours.

It was developed as a prototype for the soon to be created micro-nation of Cooktopia as their primary method of combating the fascist pedophile mason satanic cabal and replacing it with their own fascist pedophile mason satanic cabal.

Image: Built off a 1998 Freightliner FL80 (likely originally a fire truck), Zeus employs a number of standard field-approved modifications, such as twin "Look at me, I'm an idiot and I'm about to do something stupid" train horns, twin-overhead grease nipples, chrome plated foxtail on the antenna, a dash mounted flower vase and an up-cycled F-truck tub from a local buy-nothing group.

Image: Zeus on its way to assault police and deafen the neighbours.

Image: recently declassified imagery of the in-flight refueling system drogue in action.

Impact on protest actions

The driver of ZEUS-1 quickly experienced the "find out" phase of the "fuck around, find out" ethos.