Battle of Cookerpedia

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The Battle of Cookerpedia, was a short attempted defacement campaign upon the sacred grounds of Cookerpedia.

Cooker(s), allergic to fun, truth and satire, attempted to deface several pages, and surely in a pure simple case of coincidence, removed the information only from Fuckboi's page.

The technical sophistication on display was unparalleled, the assailants figured out how to register an account, and subsequently click the 'edit' button on several pages. Cookerpedia scientists are currently engaged in several studies to determine how this advanced knowledge was gained, and whether the cooker brain is evolving past merely copying and pasting right wing disinformation found on YouTube/Telegram/Breitbart/etc, onto their various social media profiles without any form of research or verification of the facts surrounding the matter.


The courageous Eggman, pressed a couple of rollback buttons, and flipped editing privileges on to 'trusted' accounts only.