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Cookerforce 1 is an airbrushed Holden Commodore with a stinking great big chevy donk that served as a pace car during Operation Sovereign Storm's assault on Parliament house, piloted by retired digger and veteran Air Commando Brigadier Johnny Nobody. Johnny has taken a wide range of experimental vaccinations in order to travel overseas to commit war crimes, having never questioned the ingredients or safety of these vaccines.

Cookerforce 1 formed the head for a number of LARPing Cookers who flocked to Parliament House like sheep. Despite the visibility of the gronk machine, they were not the first sheep on the journey to yell at the empty building on January 12, 2022, and did not feature in any of the few live-streams which weren't disrupted by the mass mobile phone disruption by the UN.

Image: A member of the Gravy Seals looks on over Cookerforce 1

Image: A close up of the cringe and stolen valor dispensors

Image: Rear of Cookerforce-1 featuring classified vehicle defence systems

Image: Cookerforce-1 employs an advanced disruptive pattern coating using the latest in cutting edge VLM designs.

Image: Cookerforce-1 Engine bay features an advanced <redacted - Section 39(1)(a)> <redacted - Section 39(1)(a)> <redacted - Section 39(1)(a)> and <redacted Section 39(1)(a)> <redacted - Section 39(1)(a)> coating

Despite their hatred for the Australian government, and having blindly followed the government into a number of questionable conflicts, they remain "Proudly Australian".

A roadworthy certificate was unable to be produced when it was requested.

More to come as files are declassified.

There is potential the owner of Cookerforce 1 went on a massive bender at Summernats and just woke up believing Summernats was still happening.