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James (Jim) Greer is a doomsday prepper, GoFundMe grifter, and sovcit cooker, from Western Australia.

Nothing suss.

Convoy to Canberra

  • According to SovCit lore, Jim and his mate Ryan Harder (who is from Melbourne) discussed and organized an impromptu truckie convoy to Canberra on the 26th of January 2022 via Telegram.
  • Jim and Ryan discussed created a Telegram group, initially called Truckie Convoy to Canberra.
  • The Telegram group grew exponentially from 300 members at the end of the first day to nearly 30,000 members within the course of just one week. (Note: Much of the growth in members were believed to be unsuspecting Canadians supporting their own Trucker freedom movement.)
  • Although the movement gained much traction amongst the cookers, it failed to convince many, if at all any actual Truckies to participate.
  • As a result of the tepid response from actual truckies, the movement changed its name from "Truckies Convoy to Canberra" to "2022 Convoy to Canberra" to better reflect the movement.
  • Fun Fact: Jim Greer's truck is not actually a truck. It was actually his mobile home modified from an old army truck.
  • It is also speculated that Jim decided to drive all the way from WA to Canberra to run away from his wife and kids and avoid paying child support. But this allegation was never confirmed nor denied by any party.

GoFundMe activities

In late January, James organised a GoFundMe campaign under the pseudonym of IRONBARK THUNDERBOLT, in an attempt to grift fellow cookers out of petrol/meth money for his journey to Canberra. The cookers shared it far and wide, amassing around $160,000 in support, only for GoFundMe to freeze the account, and subsequently cancel it after his run in with the law.

Jamestown fundraiser

Run ins with the law

James allegedly thought it'd be absolutely grand to bring along his pet, an unlicensed, sawn off rifle, along with 124 rounds of ammunition, to Canberra's parliamentary circle. Greer's unroadworthy vehicle was searched by Canberra police, where they discovered the illegal items and subsequently charged him with unauthorised possession of a prohibited firearm, and ammunition.

Participation in Protest Activites

Following the release of Greer on bail, and in a stunning demonstration of solidarity, the combined forces of the cooker empire organised a solid 10 days of protest action, cookerdoofs, open mic nights, Cooker karaoke and baptisms on the immaculately maintained lawns of the Supreme Satanistic Temple of Pedophelia (AKA Australian Parliament House). However, as one of the conditions of bail was that Greer not enter the Parliamentary Triangle precint, he was not able to particpiate in any of the protest activites he travelled across Australia to lead. Eventually, after sitting in camp and thinking about what he'd done, Greer organised his own protest march to the Australian War Memorial to allow him to finally, actually, protest something. However, after the speeches ended, everyone realised the real action was happening at the stage at Parliament House, and headed off to party with the cool kids.

everyone can go to my party but me