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Tami Jane, AKA Shit Hat, is a sov cit, crystal/magic enthusiast, cooker and former Real Estate agent from Melbourne, Australia.

About Tami

Tami Likes to wear a really shit hat, and sports a variety of cold sores, in many different liveries.

Tami heads for the hills at the first sign of the chance of getting arrested. She also claims to be moving to England, which will be interesting to see as she doesn't have any form of income.

On Saturday the 12th of February 2022, Tami stated she was going to conclude her hardcore week of activism, by having a luxury weekend away with her beau.

Her last recorded statement was that she was sorry but she'd given a lot to the movement and deserved a holiday! So what if she'd helped encourage people down to Canberra who have nothing and got grifted by the leaders she KNEW were crazy. It's not her fault they listened to her and joined the cooked movement.


  • Healing crystals
  • Magic
  • Tunnels under parliament
  • Probably collecting dream catchers


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